Class Descriptions

Small, personalized classes

Core Lunch – Engages deepest core muscles and improves posture.  Led by Trisha Wilson.

Flow – Gets energy moving and shifts stagnation.  Led by Chris Shewchuk/Drea Pheonix.

Gentle/Gentle Restorative/Gentle & Yin – Creates breath awareness and mindfulness.  Led by Shannon Dikkema/Monse Lotecki/Angela Oster.

Joyful Energized –  Awaken and embody your beautiful self! Cultivate mindfulness, strength and flexibility. Led by Tahni Forbes.

Kundalini – As taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Uses breath, movement and meditation to bring balance and harmony. Led by Amy Veale.

Men’s Yoga – “Yoga for stiff guys” Build strength, flexibility, and focus.  Led by Chris Shewchuk.

Prenatal Yoga – Strengthen, stretch and prepare for labour and birth mindfully. Led by Drea Pheonix.

Rope Wall Yoga Levels 1 & 2 – Develops alignment, stability and extension.  Led by Ellissa Crete.

Restorative Yoga – Facilitates deep relaxation in supported postures.  Led by Malorie Moore

Vinyasa Core –  Coordinate breath and movement while flowing through strong and invigorating postures.  Led by Chevay Roddick.

Yin Yoga – Targets connective tissues in long-help seated postures.  Led by Drea Pheonix/Penthesilia Kobobutzki.

Yoga & Healing Bowls – Tibetan healing bowls are used in sound healing, sound baths and activating chakra’s.  Led by Dana Riddle.


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