Class Descriptions

Small, personalized classes

Active Stretch – Stretching your muscles will enhance flexibility and range of motion.  In this class your muscles will be working and strengthening

Aerial Yoga – A fusion of circus art, yoga, pilates and dance.  You will stretch, align, strengthen and restore the body.  Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes

Bosu & the Ball – Work on your balance, flexibility, stability and strengthen your core all while getting your heart rate up in this dynamic class

Buddha Barre –  Leave feeling balanced and toned. A perfect blend of Yoga and Barre, Buddha Barre is great for those looking for a less intense Barre class

Gentle – Creates breath awareness and mindfulness

Love Your Body – A low to moderate intensity workout that will keep you energized, loose and limber for the rest of the day while improving overall fitness

Men’s Active Strength and Stretch – These classes focus on developing flexibility for the inflexible, strength and balance, designed by Men, exclusively for Men.

Morning Flow –  Coordinate breath and movement while flowing through strong and invigorating postures

Prenatal Yoga – Strengthen, stretch and prepare for labour and birth mindfully

Ropes Level 1 & 2 – Develops alignment, stability and extension

Soul Sculpt – Yoga meets body sculpting with a focus on balancing the chakras.  Flow through mindful movements and strength based exercises leaving you feeling balanced

TRX Strong – TRX training was developed by US Navy Seals. It is safe for all levels and offers a full body workout. It improves cardio, strength and flexibility

Yin/Nidra – Engage and soften your fascia and activate your meridians with intention, breath, and relaxation. Enjoy a slow, meditative, soothing evening

Yin Yang – Begins with an active flow and ends with calming stretches

Yoga & Healing Bowls – Tibetan healing bowls are used in sound healing, sound baths and activating chakra’s


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