Class Descriptions

Small, personalized classes

After Work Energizer – Invigorates the mind & conditions the body

Awakening Yoga – Builds strength and flexibility in body and mind

Bali Flow –  Fun flowing sequencing with emphasis on strength and lengthening to relax the body and connect you to your breath.

Core and More – Strengthens core and major muscle groups

Gentle Yoga – Creates breath awareness and mindfulness

 Let it Roll – Facilitates self massage and deep stretches

M3 Yoga – Massage, Movement & Mocktails – Energizes with yoga, massage and a refreshing drink

 Release and Re-align with Yoga Rope Wall –  Develops alignment, stability and extension

 Restorative Yoga – Facilitates deep relaxation in supported postures

 Yin Yang – Begins with an active flow & ends with calming stretches

 Yin Yoga – Targets connective tissues in long-held seated postures



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