Class Descriptions

Small, personalized classes

Aerial Yoga

A fusion of circus art, yoga, pilates and dance.  You will stretch, align, strengthen and restore the body.  Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes

Bosu & the Ball

Work on your balance, flexibility, stability and strengthen your core all while getting your heart rate up in this dynamic class

Rope Wall Yoga

Develops alignment, stability and extension with use of the rope wall

Restorative with Tuning Forks

Facilitates deep relaxation in supported postures and using Tuning Forks for sound therapy


TRX training was developed by US Navy Seals. It is safe for all levels and offers a full body workout. It improves cardio, strength and flexibility


High-energy with upbeat music and hip-shaking dance moves. No dance experience required, just a desire to have fun!

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