Our certified wellness and movement teachers


Angela Oster

Prenatal – Thursday 10:30am to 11:45am and Thursday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

As a regular practicing yogi, Angela was inspired to take her YTT 200 training through Karuna and Paul Erickson.  She has been teaching since 2016.  Angela’s classes encourage the state of being here, now.  There is focus on getting the most out of our dedicated moments on our mats and translating those practices into everyday life.  Quotes integrated from literate writers or everyday people are woven into her classes.  She uses inspiration from her own life and others to develop sequences guided toward healing and meeting ourselves.  In Angela’s classes you are invited to reflect on the natural state of many things.  You many even hear some music to open your heart and soothe your soul.


Photo1Chevay Roddick

Morning Flow – Tuesday 9:15am to 10:15am

I discovered yoga around the age of 18 and have been in love with the asanas and the philosophy ever since. I finally aligned my passion and love for yoga with my life and completed my 200 hour teacher training at the Heart Yoga school in Nelson in May of 2015. My certification is Hatha based but I have played with all different styles of yoga over the years and like to integrate a little of everything into my practice.  I am humble to deliver with an open heart what I know and hope to inspire and learn from my students as we share in the joy of yoga together.


Chris Shewchuk

Men’s Active Strength and Stretch – Sunday 12pm to 12:45pm

Yin/Nidra – Thursday 7pm to 8:15pm

Chris has been teaching yoga since 2014. His passion for healing through movement, self-awareness, and play has grown through years of pursuing a better life. With training in Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra, Hatha, and breathwork, Chris is pleased to offer a diverse spectrum of yoga to people of all ages and abilities. Expect to move mindfully and methodically through a more active practice with Chris, and to be held in soft stillness through Yin and Nidra classes. With plenty of experience in holding safe space, expect to leave his classes feeling grounded and balanced.


Cindy Jones

Love Your Body – Wednesday and Friday 7am to 8am

Bosu & the Ball – Tuesday and Thursday 7am to 8am, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12pm to 12:45pm

TRX – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30am to 11:45am

TRX – Tuesday and Thursday 12pm to 12:45pm

I am very passionate about health and fitness! I am committed to helping clients reach their fitness goals by teaching training techniques and creating a balanced lifestyle to benefit everyone in their daily, functional activities.

I started my health and fitness journey over 20 years ago becoming a registered massage therapist at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. It fortified my sincere interest in wanting to engage with others while being able to offer more to contribute to their quest for better health.  I attended Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta to become a certified personal trainer, at the same time pursuing the challenges of successfully competing in the Fitness Routine category for 6 years. I continued my training and found more inspiration to become a yoga instructor. I am a very kind and caring person with utmost respect for my client’s special considerations, overall goals/needs and well-being.  I sincerely enjoy working with others and share in their success, enjoyment and fulfillment.

My mission statement is to provide each client with professional, personalized service. This will be accomplished with safe, effective programs that focus on individual needs and goals. Each person will be treated with respect, care and compassion. Each goal will be faced with realism, support and optimism no matter how great or small.


crete504-editEllissa Crête Dr.TCM 

R.Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Yoga

Rope Yoga Level 1 – Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

Rope Yoga Level 2 – Monday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

Ellissa’s journey in the healing arts has paralleled her personal exploration of the mind body connection through Yoga asana and Vipassana meditation. While traveling in India in 2005, she was introduced to the Iyengar Yoga method, which focuses on therapeutic postural alignment and the efficient use of props. In 2010, Ellissa completed a yoga teacher training inspired by both Iyengar and Ashtanga methods under the guidance of Hart Lazer at United Yoga Montreal. She has participated in additional Yoga Ropes intensives to deepen her understanding and experience of yoga with rope wall. Ellissa has been teaching weekly Yoga classes in Nelson since 2010. Currently, Ellissa’s Iyengar-inspired Yoga classes dynamically weave together an exploration of postural alignment and Yoga Ropes.
Dr. Ellissa Crête is a Certified Bodyworker and BC registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who offers services in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tuning Forks, and Massage. She has been a Bodyworker since 2004, with an interest in the meridian-based modalities of Zen Shiatsu and Thai-Yoga Massage. In 2014, she graduated from the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences. She is continuing studies in sound healing and gynecology. Dr. Ellissa Crête’s hands, needles, and words create a compassionate healing space that touches body, heart, and spirit.


Misty Nelson

Buddha Barre – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Aerial Yoga – Monday, Tuesday & Friday 7pm-8:15pm; Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 2:45-4pm

Soul Sculpt – Tuesday and Thursday 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Yin/Yang – Tuesday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

I am a certified Yoga /Aerial Yoga Teacher and personal trainer and I absolutely love what I do! I have been involved in the Yoga and Fitness industry over 10 years starting with years of dance and gymnastics which lead me to Yoga and a very young age. I have always been fascinated with how the body works and what amazing things it can do…”if we choose to live a  healthy lifestyle and love ourselves more , everything is possible.” I have always had a desire and passion to help people and teach them positive body awareness,proper form and holistic health. I believe in the whole package , Mind,Body, and spirit….”when everything works together, we are the most balanced  and happiest”
I am always dedicated to furthering my knowledge  and education so I can continue to grow and help my clients and Yogis be the best they can, inside and out .


Shannon Dikkema

Gentle – Thursday 9am to 10:15am

Shannon Dikkema has a passion for exploration.  Her exploring used to be primarily external, traveling with skis  Then, ten years ago, she fell ill and received the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the explorations went internal.  Through learning about healing and integrating all that learning, Shannon studied to be a yoga teacher 9 years ago, and has been teaching since, broadening her knowledge base with a certificate with the Integral Yoga Institute of Yoga Therapy.  She specializes in restorative and gentle yoga with an emphasis on self awareness and self healing.  Shannon has also studied Art of Balance (balance board exercises),counseling, Neurosomatic Massage Therapy, Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral therapy and Reiki.

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