Our certified wellness and movement teachers


Amy Veale

Kundalini Yoga – Thursday 7pm to 8:15pm

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years, and my practice has helped me grow more healthy, happy and whole. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully.
I completed my 220 hour Aquarian Teacher training in 2005, with Yoga West in Vancouver BC. I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.
In my classes, I love to combine mindful movement, meditation and breath work to help you broaden your experience. I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul.


Angela Oster

Gentle and Yin – Thursday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

As a regular practicing yogi, Angela was inspired to take her YTT 200 training through Karuna and Paul Erickson.  She has been teaching since 2016.  Angela’s classes encourage the state of being here, now.  There is focus on getting the most out of our dedicated moments on our mats and translating those practices into everyday life.  Quotes integrated from literate writers or everyday people are woven into her classes.  She uses inspiration from her own life and others to develop sequences guided toward healing and meeting ourselves.  In Angela’s classes you are invited to reflect on the natural state of many things.  You many even hear some music to open your heart and soothe your soul.


Photo1Chevay Roddick

Vinyasa Core – Tuesday 9:30am to 10:30am

I discovered yoga around the age of 18 and have been in love with the asanas and the philosophy ever since. I finally aligned my passion and love for yoga with my life and completed my 200 hour teacher training at the Heart Yoga school in Nelson in May of 2015. My certification is Hatha based but I have played with all different styles of yoga over the years and like to integrate a little of everything into my practice.  I am humble to deliver with an open heart what I know and hope to inspire and learn from my students as we share in the joy of yoga together.


Chris Shewchuk

Flow – Saturday 11am to 12:15pm

Men’s Yoga – Sunday 4:30pm to 5:45pm

Chris came to the practice of yoga to ease physical and emotional pain. After living an unbalanced and inauthentic life, yoga brought healing and peace.

What was once a practice only for healing has also grown into a love of movement. What was once only a physical practice has grown into one also encompassing the subtle and unmanifest. Build a steady strength by moving methodically through his flow practices, or move sweetly into spacious stillness in softer yin classes.

Originally from rural Alberta, Chris spent several years and thousands of hours in Edmonton refining his practice and his teaching. Ever grateful for the support of family, friends, and teachers, he is delighted to root into the Nelson community, and to learn, grow, and share within the Kootenays.


Dana Riddle

Yoga and Healing Bowls – Saturday 3pm to 4:15pm

On the path of self discovery for the past 10 years, I’ve been listening to my heart by taking yearly silent meditation retreats, daily meditation, and yoga practice. This has become a major part of my life, and every day more deeply I discover the benefits on my mind and body. A year ago this led me to leave the comfort of my job and material possessions to pursue a 9 month journey to the mother land of spiritual knowledge and awakening…India and Nepal. Extensive hatha yoga teacher training including study of postures, meditation, mantras, pranayama, kriyas, and yoga philosophy became daily yoga practices. Also during my time in Nepal I was taught traditional healing bowl therapy through a well known respected Yogi. I am excited to share this discovery together. Yoga is not only stretching and postures, but a unification with the ultimate self. In our sessions we will learn to transform and release tensions through breathing exercises, traditional healing bowls and yoga postures using awareness and breath in healing from inside out, both mind and body!



Drea Phoenix

Prenatal – Sunday 12pm to 1:15pm

Flow – Tuesday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

Yin – Tuesday 7pm to 8:15pm

Drea has been practicing yoga for over 18 years. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Byron Yoga Centre in Australia in 2006 and has been teaching both individual and group classes ever since. Drea’s classes can be described as dynamic and challenging, yet joyful and nurturing. A vinyasa flow which incorporates breath, sequencing and asana. She is passionate about yoga and sharing her knowledge and believes everyone can do yoga. She encourages students to take a joyful approach to yoga (and to life). She brings a light heartedness to her classes. She is currently taking her Senior (500) Yoga Teacher Training at Mount Madonna Centre in California. Drea is registered with Yoga Alliance.


crete504-editEllissa Crête Dr.TCM 

R.Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Yoga

Rope Yoga Level 1 – Wednesday 10am to 11:15am

Rope Yoga Level 2 – Monday 5:30pm to 6:45pm

Ellissa’s journey in the healing arts has paralleled her personal exploration of the mind body connection through Yoga asana and Vipassana meditation. While traveling in India in 2005, she was introduced to the Iyengar Yoga method, which focuses on therapeutic postural alignment and the efficient use of props. In 2010, Ellissa completed a yoga teacher training inspired by both Iyengar and Ashtanga methods under the guidance of Hart Lazer at United Yoga Montreal. She has participated in additional Yoga Ropes intensives to deepen her understanding and experience of yoga with rope wall. Ellissa has been teaching weekly Yoga classes in Nelson since 2010. Currently, Ellissa’s Iyengar-inspired Yoga classes dynamically weave together an exploration of postural alignment and Yoga Ropes.
Dr. Ellissa Crête is a Certified Bodyworker and BC registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who offers services in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tuning Forks, and Massage. She has been a Bodyworker since 2004, with an interest in the meridian-based modalities of Zen Shiatsu and Thai-Yoga Massage. In 2014, she graduated from the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences. She is continuing studies in sound healing and gynecology. Dr. Ellissa Crête’s hands, needles, and words create a compassionate healing space that touches body, heart, and spirit.


Malorie Moore

Restorative – Wednesday 7pm to 8:15pm

Malorie is a certified Hatha yoga instructor with over 1000 hours of training, both in Montreal and Bombay.  She also holds a Master’s in Social Work and combines her experience in mental health with yogic principles to create a class that is inclusive and accessible to all students.  Malorie is passionate about the union of breath and movement and she recognizes the importance of respecting traditional philosophies of the practice while integrating new and updated methods.  She views yoga as a way of life and sees every practice as an opportunity to share, learn and grow. 


Monse Lotecki

Gentle – Sunday 10am to 11am

Gentle Restorative – Monday 10am to 11:15am

After practicing yoga on and off for over 20 years, always enjoying the practice and feeling happy just to go to different classes, life altering events led me to deepen my practice and desire to share the healing and transformative effects of the practice. I believe yoga is an excellent tool for optimum mental and physical health and is accessible to all. In my classes I encourage students in acceptance of where you are now in your yoga practice, radical acceptance of your past as a way to be fully present in this precious moment, gratitude for everything that brought us to this current moment, gentle focus on alignment and foundations, body and mindful awareness. I hope to give my students a sense of ease and peace that they can take with them as they return out into the  busy world and their busy lives.


Shannon Dikkema

Gentle – Thursday 10am to 11:15am

Shannon Dikkema has a passion for exploration.  Her exploring used to be primarily external, traveling with skis  Then, ten years ago, she fell ill and received the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the explorations went internal.  Through learning about healing and integrating all that learning, Shannon studied to be a yoga teacher 9 years ago, and has been teaching since, broadening her knowledge base with a certificate with the Integral Yoga Institute of Yoga Therapy.  She specializes in restorative and gentle yoga with an emphasis on self awareness and self healing.  Shannon has also studied Art of Balance (balance board exercises),counseling, Neurosomatic Massage Therapy, Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral therapy and Reiki.


Tahni Fornes

Joyful Energized – Friday 10am to 11:15am

“As a human being movement, breath, exploration and delight have always been a part of my life!
As a yoga teacher, I invite us to slow down and be with the wonder of this human experience!
In my classes you will have the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, as well as strength and flexibility.

What I am most interested in is making space for the essence of who we are to become more fully embodied.  We practice heart-centered mindfulness while fully inhabiting our bodies.  We unwind and release holding and tension in our bodymind.  We emerge renewed, refreshed, joyful, and energized!”

Tahni Fornes was introduced to yoga at age 12 in Ojai, California, where she would go to class with her Dad and stepmom and impress the adults with her natural skill at downward dog!
She began practicing yoga regularly in the mid-90’s, when she was a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she completed a BA in Environmental Studies in 1998.  In 2006 she became a yoga teacher after studying at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja Mexico.  In 2008 she studied massage therapy at The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork.  Tahni’s interests in healing and embodied spirituality have led her to pursue a career in somatic psychotherapy.


Trisha Wilson

Core Lunch – Friday 12pm to 1pm

A yoga teacher since 2005, Trisha creates a safe space in which to learn, play, heal and grow. Her classes combine technique and alignment with celebration of heart and spirit. Her practice is a balance of strength and softness; discipline and delight; contemplation and creative expression.

Trisha has a background in dance.  Her yoga studies have focused primarily in the methods of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara yoga.  Currently she is immersed in studies of yoga therapy and mountain shamanism (as taught by the Q’ero Medicine People of Peru).

Trisha teaches classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Nelson and beyond.  She is the coordinator of the Kootenay Spirit Festival and recently launched a teacher mentorship program.

Committed to the yogic path as sacred activism, she infuses her classes with inspiration for inner peace and a harmonious world.

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