Our Story

Mission Statement

Mountain Waters Spa and Wellness is about more than just service; it’s a place of healing, relaxation and calm. Mountain Waters Spa and Wellness exists to help people escape the turmoil of the outside world and let them experience Relaxation Redefined.

Our History

The main building was purchased by Yogita Bouchard and Richard Klein in 2000. It was previously owned for 25 years by one family and served as a home. The first renovation changed it from a home to a commercial status, adding the 3 rooms on the right when you enter the Spa. Eight units were then rented to various health practitioners. The pool and Renewal room were then built a year later as a standalone building and business. It consisted of the pool, existing bathroom and the Renewal room. It was operated in this format for 4 years before Yogita and Richard decided to open Mountain Waters Spa. In January 2004 Mountain Waters Spa opened its doors to become one of Nelson’s finest Spas. In 2008, current owner Marni Beninger, came on board as a guest services employee, only to take over management in 2009. In April of 2010 Marni purchased the spa and has created, with her team, the environment you now see before you.

Our Vision

To provide guests with a world class spa and wellness centre experience. To expand into being not only a spa but a wellness centre which has a fitness centre, a holistic nutritionist, a yoga studio, a physiotherapist and a chiropractor, as well as all of our traditional spa services. We envision a complete wellness facility in which our guests can obtain the highest level of complete body care by having every professional working together to bring each and every guest to their optimal wellness self.

Our vision is a facility in which a guest can go to rehabilitate from injury or just to obtain the highest level of wellness. Imagine a place in which every professional that worked with you already knew your past history, so you had to only go through the initial intake process once instead of 5 times in order to take care of yourself. Imagine a place where every professional can take you that one step deeper into wellness because they already know what each and every other professional is doing to help you. Imagine a team that works together to provide each guest with unsurpassed care by knowing the intimate details of each of the guest’s previous treatments.

Remember Mountain Waters Spa and Wellness is not just another Spa. We exist to help people escape the turmoil of the outside world and let them experience Relaxation Redefined.