Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Earth Day just behind us and Mother’s Day fast approaching, maybe it’s time to do something a little different for Mom this year. Mountain Waters Spa and Wellness has put together a couple ideas that not only give back to Mom but also to the planet at the same time.

  1. Plant a tree: you can do this with Mom, or there is a company (A Living Tribute) who does it for you. They plant trees in deforested areas in Canada and they send the receiver a commemorative card to go with it. Fun!


  1. Books: If your Mom is anything like mine, books are always a hit but how about this year, go to a used book store and get her one instead. Or you can opt for getting her a gift certificate for a used book store as well.


  1. Hiking/Walking: If it’s a beautiful day outside, go for a walk. It’s an amazing time of the year for foraging medicinal plants, so go out, enjoy the sunshine and savor some quality time with Mom.


  1. Plants: Spring is the perfect time for getting outside and planting gardens, so why not treat Mom to a beautiful indoor or outdoor plant. That way she will have something that lasts forever.


  1. Essential Oils: essential oils are a wonderful gift, choose a scent like lavender for relaxation, or spearmint to give her a pick-me-up. We have an amazing company we get our essential oils from called, Emery Herbals. Come on by and grab a sustainable, organic essential oil just for Mom.


  1. Gift Certificate from Mountain Waters: we have an abundance of services we offer, which range anywhere from hair styling to yoga, massage, acupuncture and all aesthetics. We work tirelessly hard at being eco-friendly in every service, as well as all our products are sustainable and organic.


  1. Concerts: is there a concert that Mom would like to go and see? Concert tickets are always a nice way to get to spend time with your Mom, while listening to some amazing music.


  1. Organic Skincare/Sunscreen: with summer fast approaching, it’s time to get out the sunscreen to nourish and hydrate the face and skin. We carry Eminence Organics Skincare, which is brand from Hungary that uses bio-dynamic farming and organic ingredients. If you don’t know exactly what you need, we’re always happy to give you some samples to try out.


When looking to wrap up Mom’s gift think about the environment as well and use something you might be recycling anyways. 😊

We hope this helps you out! Happy Mother’s Day to all those hard-working Mom’s everywhere.



Mountain Waters Spa and Wellness