How can I improve my employee’s wellness and increase work productivity?

Wellness is a proactive and preventative approach to health. Wellness takes into account the whole individual. It is the integration of the spirit, body and the mind and the understanding that everything we do, feel, think and believe affects our health.

An employee wellness program is an extremely effective method to encourage health and wellness amongst the members of your staff. Having an employee wellness program in place can provide unlimited benefits to the employee and the company. By having a program in place employers can see a boost in morale, improvement in health and fitness and an increase in productivity in the workplace. Employees that participate in wellness programs take care of themselves and tend to make healthier lifestyle choices and are healthier, happier, more productive, miss work less and have lower healthcare costs on the employer and the province/country.

The most effective programs are voluntary and offer incentives such as a day off or gift cards for reaching goals. It is important to determine what your employees are the most interested in and provide those options or incentives. There have been numerous studies with companies that have implemented a variety of wellness programs, with everything from daily yoga, weekly free healthy meals, fitness programs and self-care promotion including massage and acupuncture. These companies saw a drastic increase in daily productivity and decrease in sick time in those employees that participated. Other benefits that these companies noted were improved general health and well being of employees, improved productivity, improved sense of team, improved morale and attitude, reduced turnover rate from employee burnout or boredom and a decrease in workplace injuries.

Having an employee wellness program in place provides long-term benefits to not only the company but also the workers. With reduced costs to the company, happier and more productive employees and less sick time, this plan is something all companies should implement.