Massage for Moms

Massage is more than just a great rubdown by trained hands with soft lights, candles and soothing music. Massage promotes actual physiological changes to the body. As a massage takes place, a mechanical response naturally occurs due to the pressure and movement of the soft tissue. Particular massage techniques are used to increase circulation to areas that have been injured. Massage supports vein and lymphatic drainage, helping to keep your mom’s body healthy. Massage stretches connective tissue, warding off the formation of large quantities of scar tissue.

Because internal organs share neurological pain pathways with bones, nerves, and muscles, they even benefit from massage. For example, during menstruation, pain in the lower back can make menstrual cramps more intense. In turn, the sharper menstrual cramps can cause the back muscles to tense, leading to more pain. Once those muscles in the lower back are relaxed, the ensuing pain related to menstruation may diminish.

Since the day your mother first held you in her arms, she found ways to soothe you. One of the most primal was simply by touching you, rubbing your little back, stroking your soft skin. Human beings crave touch and respond in a way that dates back to the beginning of time. You will feel connected to another person, a part of a community – even if you have just met your massage therapist. You will begin to relax, knowing that someone else is in charge and you can let your thoughts flow at will. The tension will ease from your body as your mind enters a state of meditative calm. And though you are not likely to connect the two, you will get a feeling of comfort and well-being that can be traced back to those days when you were cared for as a young child.

Even if you are a bit of a control freak, relaxation is involuntary. It’s simply a response of your nervous system to touch and technique. In addition, the longer you lie within the warm embrace of the massage room, the more your sense of comfort and safety will intensify, allowing you to sink even deeper into relaxation.