Reflections on Reflexology

Are your muscles stiff and sore? Are you feeling tired or foggy? Do you sometimes look in the mirror and not recognize the person that you see? This happens to all of us, and our bodies send us signals to go in for that next spa treatment in order to get back into balance.

With so many modalities out there, how do you know which one to choose? We have heard about the many benefits of massage, and the positive results from getting regular facials. Some of us have even branched out and tried a salt glow, hot stone massage, or a facial incorporating a special masque. All of these treatments are beneficial in their own ways and provide some time to just focus on you, and regain your balance.

When it is time for your next treatment, try Reflexology, “ . . . an ancient method of alternative medicine that has been shown to help the human body both physically and physiologically.” It is a form of treatment that can address what ails you, along with offering stress relief and a general sense of well being. With this treatment we can help you leave feeling balanced, refreshed, and ready to take on the tasks of your days.