Class Descriptions

Small, personalized classes

54321 Workout

A 45 minute workout routine that is broken into 5 short timed segments that will get your heart-rate up and strengthen your muscles at the same time. Time will fly by while enjoying a full body workout.

Align and Strengthen

Mobility and movement through strong, mind flow flow, taking time to move in and out of postures with attention given to alignment.

Candlelit Yin

Have some time to slow down and stretch out with this tranquil class that deepens your self awareness and relaxation. Focusing on breath and holding poses for longer helps to increase flexibility and calm the mind.

Cardio Dance

High-energy with upbeat music and hip-shaking dance moves. No dance experience required, just a desire to have fun!

Chakra Balancing

Focus on opening, clearing, balancing, and recharging your 7 major chakras of the body with specifically chosen crystals and reiki. 

Core Yoga Flow

A core connected movement flow practice that aims to build core stability and deepen awareness of balance. Movement sequences and postures are guided with a mindful attention to alignment and stability of center, helping to restore awareness of how midline supports movement.

Gentle Yoga

This gentle practice will help balance, strength and flexibility while calming the mind and reducing stress. All levels welcome

Himalayan Kundalini

This Ancient wisdom from the Himalayas comes in the form of vedic and tantric kris, asana and mantra. Which is a precious gift from the East to enrich your soul and nourish your entire being.


Meditate in a small supportive group where we help lift each other up and encourage compassion and growth. This class welcomes all levels and will be part guided and part blissful silence. Leave feeling grounded, more whole and more connected to your truest self.

Morning Flow

Coordinate breath and movement while flowing through strong and invigorating postures

Prenatal Yoga

A gentle yoga practice that supports the body during pregnancy and helps to prepare it for giving birth. During this 8-week series, you will be guided through supportive yoga sequences, breathwork, mediation practices, and 3 essential toning’s- Abdominal, Pelvic floor, and Vocal toning. An integral part of the practice is conscious relaxation. Through relaxation and awareness practices the body can learn to access its inner resources, giving tools and confidence to have the most natural birth possible, while resolving fears and anxiety. A pre-natal yoga practice aims to reduce some of the common physical and emotional discomforts that pregnancy may create and helps to cultivate greater ease and trust in the body and mind during the experience.

Restorative with Tuning Forks

Facilitates deep relaxation in supported postures and using Tuning Forks for sound therapy

Rope Yoga

Develops alignment, stability and extension with use of the rope wall

Small Group Training

A fun way to create community, and commitment to your health and fitness. Book your own small group training with a minimum of 3 people

Somatic Yoga Flow

A gentle invigorating yoga class that explores a fluid and expressive movement flow, connecting with breath movement and core. Combining stimulating mindful movement sequences with relaxing grounding releasing poses helps to settle and self-regulate the nervous system. A short full body relaxation meditation practice is included at the beginning and end of each class.


A form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. All levels welcome.

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