The Don’ts of DIY Facials

The internet is full of do-it-yourself facial advice. While a natural facial can sooth and clean your face, not every recipe is worth following. Before you go mixing ingredients from your cupboard, take a few minutes and review this list of ingredients that can be potentially harmful to your skin:

Any kind of citrus product, like lemon or orange, can spell disaster when applied to your skin. For starters, these fruits are acidic which makes your face very sensitive and can cause irritation. Citrus poses an even bigger problem if you apply it to your face before going outside. It can react with the sun and has the potential to cause blisters.
Leave the cinnamon for the apple pie recipe. While cinnamon can create a good scrubbing agent, it’s a fairly powerful spice that’s likely to irritate your skin.

Vegetable oil
Some home beauty remedies call for vegetable oil as a base, but it’s not good for your skin. It has a tendency to clog pores and isn’t easy to remove. You’ll fare better with recipes that call for olive oil or coconut oil; they’re a bit more pure in makeup.

While a do-it-yourself facial makes for a fun ladies night, schedule your next facial time with us. Our professionals can give you feedback according to your specific skin type.